Social Impact

DSC00079Regarding jobs we see persistent growth in our portfolio companies with
816 jobs created or maintained
as at Q4 2013. For the sectors Education and Health these jobs are mostly highly skilled jobs. Diagnostic Centre has provided
over 73,000 diagnostic procedures
since its inception. The procedures range from MRI and CT scans to mammographies and X-rays. Since SOVEC’s investment GHS and Redrow have
delivered 157 housing units.
Many more are in various stages of completion.
A total of 1,051 pupils are enrolled
in Rising Sun and Penfield together. Penfield is quickly expanding its enrollment while Rising Sun is in the progress of taking over a third branch which if done successfully will significantly increase the enrollments at Rising Sun.

To increase our impact we strive to mobilise our network of shareholders on a voluntary basis.

For more information on our impact, please follow the link:  Impact Report 2013